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Informational and Miscellaneous Videos

Assault Rifle vs. Sporting Rifle

Gun Myths - Gone in 5 Minutes

Difference between an "assault rifle" and a semi-automatic
rifle. They are NOT the same!

ABC News 20/20 video.

You Are the First Responder!

Judge Napolitano on the Second Amendment

Importance of standard capacity magazines...self-defense
is a RIGHT, and YOU are responsible for YOUR safety. Magazine
bans are a political agenda. YOU are your own First Responder!!!

"The Second Amendment isn't about shooting deer or is about being able to shoot the 'bad guy' and tyrants..(paraphrase)"

David Kopel on AR15 and Magazines

Privilege of being Anti-Gun...elitist attitudes

David Kopel analyzes the "high-capacity" magazine ban agenda.
The AR 15 is the most common semi-auto rifle owned in America, and has been for years.

Arrogant pacifism....not here!

Pro 2nd Amendment Videos

Sandy Hook Father Supports the 2nd Amendment

Black Conservatives know gun control is racist.

Sandy Hook testimony before town council. This man knows 
what the Right to self-defense is all about.
The NRA gets credit for protecting freed slaves from the KKK and the Democratic Party, and from tyrannical government.


NY Democrat Pleads with Assemblyman NOT to share
document proposing Gun Confiscation.

Senator Ted Cruz arguing aginst the Assault Weapon Ban

2nd Amendment Support, Assemblyman Steve McLAughlin
addresses the Democratic Assault Rifle Confiscation Legislation. 
If this video doesn't get you fired up, nothing will.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz dis-spells the previous federal "Assault
Weapons" Ban. NRA VP Wayne LaPierre also in testimony.

Mia Love Pro 2nd Amendment Rally

Owning a Gun is a A God Given Right

Mia Love's inspirational speech on the Second Amendment 
and Freedom. Notice the Boy Scouts in the background.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, say it like it is!!!

Anti-Second Amendment Videos

Assemblywoman Schimel Interview - She's not a 
supporter of your Civil Rights!

Democrat Senator:"Assault weapon ban is just the begining...."


Democrat Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel. Observe the
disdain and contempt for people who disagree with her.

Jason Mattera easily extracts the truth from a Democrat Senator