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Civil Rights

There is a subtle but growing "message" being spread by big media regarding gun control and race.  Media companies (newspapers, television, radio, Hollywood, etc.), and their political handlers are saying that the only people that care about gun rights are (to paraphrase) NASCAR loving white males.  For instance, Hudson, NY Alderman David Marston (D) wrote to the New York organizer of Gun Rights Across America on February 22, and called firearms owners something so reprehensible that we refuse to reprint the actual insult here (read it for yourself).   However, his tirade continued by accusing firearms owners of not being “interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization.” Marston is either unaware of, or willfully ignoring years and years of civil rights abuses with regards to denying access to gun ownership to African-Americans, Native-Americans and other minorities. There was nothing “mythical” about this tragic chapter of American history, as detailed in the following article - "GUN CONTROL AND RACISM" and related videos.

A Detailed History

GUN CONTROL AND RACISM - Stefan B. Tahmassebi* - George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal, Vol. 2 (1991): 67. The history of gun control in America possesses an ugly component: discrimination and oppression of blacks, other racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, and other "unwanted elements," including union organizers and agrarian reformers. Firearms laws were often enacted to disarm and facilitate repressive action against these groups.

A Practical Guide to Race and Gun Control

Here is a link to additional resources on Race and Gun Control.  Despite big media's efforts and the efforts of their political elite handlers, Gun Control IS NOT just a "Middle-aged, fat, white male issue" - it's a Civil Rights issue!  Check out the rest of the "Suggested Reading" area at this site.





Women for 2nd Amendment at NY SAFE Act rally

PJTV - Shut Up and Obey the President?

Thousands of NY SAFE Act opponents including the Women
for 2nd Amendment Rights, are lobbying lawmakers
and rallying at the Capitol in Albany against measures they
say infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms.

Chris Rock thinks we should all support President Obama
on gun control because the president is "our boss." What
does AlfonZo Rachel think of this? Find out in this Zo Nation video

Do Not Limit My Ability To Defend Myself

Women's Second Amendment Rights

A great speech. You will feel angry and sad all at the same time.

Female Gun Advocate Lays Into Democratic Senator Over 

Women's Second Amendment Rights.  Senator Sheldon is
an idiot - and we quote "100 magazine peculiar types of artifacts?"

NRA president: Gun-control movement founded
by racists

You Can Ban Guns But You Can't Ban Evil

National Rifle Association President David Keene told The 
Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas that the gun-control movement 
was born out of a racist desire to oppress and endanger 
African-Americans.  Read more by clicking here
You'll have to endure a BP "commercial" at the beginning
of the video.  We can't turn that off so please be patient. . .

Former Anti-Gun and Anti-Second Amendment Kira Davis - What 
a gun ban means for Americans, black Americans and safety.

News Profile: Amanda Collins

Campus Rape Victim Amanda Collins Responds to
Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar

Profile of Amanda Collins, a rape victim with a very important
message about the right to carry concealed weapons on
college campuses.  Heartbreaking. . .  Read her testimony
transcript - it has a lot of great points - Read Testimony

Cam Edwards talks to Amanda Collins, a woman who was
raped at the University of Nevada - She responds to
comments made about campus rape by Colorado State
Rep. Joe Salazar.  Please listen to this entire interview.

Reigniting Liberty

Piers Morgan gets angry after losing Gun Control
debate and throws his notes towards his female guest

February 12th, 2013 Pro-Second Amendment Rally challenging
Gov. Cuomo's gun control law. - Deneen Borelli, one of the
most visible and outspoken black conservatives in the country,
is fighting back—taking action, not just talking—and
speaking up ...

British wanker Piers Morgan hell bent on pushing anti-gun
propaganda to disarm the American people ahead of an e
conomic collapse gets angry after losing gun control debate
and crumples up his notes and throws them towards a
female guest.

No Guns for Jews (Parts 1 - 5)

Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home 

from 3 armed Burglars

No Guns for Jews is a major breakthrough and a potent 
weapon with tremendous potential to destroy "gun control" 
at this critical time in America, but millions must see it and 
take action! Please watch all parts.

How soon we forget.  Very graphical video series - for mature 
viewers only.  Is history going to repeat itself but here in the 
United States of America?

11 year old girl defends herself against home intruders.

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