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Wayne County Supervisors Pass Resolution


Wayne County Board of Supervisors UNANIMOUSLY passed "Anti SAFE Act" Resolution!

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed Resolution Against Cuomo's Anti-Second Amendment legislative act this morning. Thank your town supervisor, and the rest of the town supervisors in Wayne County.

Click here for their contact information


There were over 50 firearms owners and 2 young Eagle Scouts present at the hearing. Six people spoke in support of the Resolution as passed.  Thank you Wayne County Board of Supervisors.  For all the details, check out the: Wayne Times   Wayne Post



Link to Sheriff Virt's Statement against Cuomo's Law.



County Legislators all over New York are passing resolutions telling King Cuomo that he has gone too far this time!  For the latest update regarding counties that have Passed Resolutions, click here for update on county list.