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Wayne County Sheriff Virts' letter regarding magazine limit


To All; 
Attached is a summary of the Federal Court Western District decision on the NY Safe Act by Alex Wilson, Associate Counsel for the NYS Sheriffs’ Association. 
7 round limit--The court could find no justification for 7 round limit, and ordered it struck down writing:

“Unlike the restrictions on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, the seven-round limit cannot survive.” The court found this to be an arbitrary restriction, in light of the fact that 10 round magazines would still be sold in NYS, and that it could potentially disadvantage a law-abiding person defending their home against an intruder.
This Office and deputies will not arrest anyone for having 10 rounds in a ten round magazine! 
Please read the attached decision summary. 
Be safe. 

Barry C. Virts, Sheriff 
Wayne County 
Office of the Sheriff 
7376 Rt. 31, Suite 1000 
Lyons NY 14489 


S.A.F.E. Act ruling bullet points S.A.F.E. Act ruling bullet points (305 KB)