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Wayne County SCOPE and NRA shared common ground at Sportsman Show


The Wayne County chapter of SCOPE and the NRA shared space this weekend at the Wayne County Sportsman Show. The theme we shared we called Common Ground, and we had a successful weekend. Many memberships were taken, Repeal signs sold, and other fundraising efforts well pursued, by both SCOPE and the NRA.

It is essential that the memberships of all Second Amendment groups in New York State work together and stand on the common ground that we all share. We are taxpaying, voting, law-abiding citizens and we have had our Constitutional and Civil Rights stripped from us by the very people who should be protecting those rights and serving us in that capacity. The New York Safe Act cannot be allowed to stand, and the politicians who foisted this monstrosity upon us must be flushed from office.

We can do this, but it will take all six million gun owners in New York State standing together to achieve it…failure is not an option.

I would like to personally thank Scott Buish, SCOPE member, New York State Rifle and Pistol member and our local NRA recruiter for sharing the Common Ground with us this past weekend. Scott’s assistance was invaluable to our presence this weekend past. I encourage ALL the members of SCOPE, New York Rifle and Pistol, and NRA to team up and work together at every show and event. We must be guarding each other…not fighting each other, if we are to prevail.

Bob Brannan – Wayne County SCOPE / NRA member