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Update on Budget and funding for Cuomo's database


The democrats and the media have teamed up and apparently tried to put a wedge between gun owners and the senators who are our allies. It was reported by the news that the senate had voted for a budget that included funding for the database that would be used to register our hand guns and rifles.


Senator Nozzolio called me Saturday morning on March 30, and explained the truth about the budget. The budget was looked at line-by-line by Senator Nozzolio's staff and there was NO LINE ITEM IN THE BUDGET FOR "SAFE ACT" FUNDING. The media and Sheldon Silver played their games pitting us against our allies in the senate. Apparently it was a way for them to diffuse the anger of gun owners and stop our momentum. And it worked for a day or so.


When a budget is passed, the Governor has the freedom to allocate funds the way he wants to. So, the money to fund his database was diverted from the State Police Budget. The Senate approved "X" amount of dollars, and appropriated where the money should go. Cuomo, changed allocation of the funds to fund the database after the budget was passed. In NY, the Governor has power to do that. Once he gets his money, he can pass it out as he pleases.


I apologized to Senator Nozzolio for blaming him for voting for funding for the database, when in reality there was no line item in the budget for funding the database or any other part of the "SAFE Act". I relayed to Senator Nozzolio, that the Republican leadership is very poor in communicating what happens in Albany. All we can go by, is what the implicit media reports. I fell for it again.....


Senator Nozzolio will come to one of our SCOPE meetings very soon to talk to us. He assured me that his name is listed as a sponsor on every bill proposal that would repeal Cuomo's law. I encouraged the Republicans to push for votes on the repeal of the "SAFE" Act. Knowing that there will be no repeal with the present players in Albany, I encouraged the Republicans to start now. The radical leftists from NYC have an agenda, and they push it every session until they get their way. I strongly advised the Republicans to adopt the same philosophy and keep pushing their agenda until they win. REPEAL "SAFE Act"!


We need to support him, and encourage him to keep fighting for us in Albany. I really know that he is doing everything he can in his power for us.


Senator Nozzolio promised me that early next week, his staff will provide us with a written statement explaining the situation in Albany. These are very trying times for all of us. We have friends turning on fighting family...constituents fighting Albany allies....It is VERY hard to keep a cool head, and think staight. I know I have made mistakes in the past few weeks. We are all under stress. Importantly, we all must stick together and fight hard and smart.


Everybody fights, nobody quits.



 Senator Nozzolio's Staff Review of Line Items in budget

Budget Line item Budget Line item (24 KB)


Senator Nozzolio's letter (page 1)

Nozzolio Letter Page 1 Nozzolio Letter Page 1 (69 KB)



Senator Nozzolio's letter (page 2)

Nozzolio Letter Page 2 Nozzolio Letter Page 2 (291 KB)