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Tomorrow April 15, registration begins


...“That’s a personal decision that everyone has to make,” said Tom King, president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association. “I personally believe that New Yorkers are legal and lawful gun owners and citizens of the state. And being legal and lawful, they will obey the law.”...


...“There’s no doubt that this is a politically polarizing issue – but for the extremes,” Cuomo said on “The Capitol Pressroom,” a public-radio program. “Moderate people, gun owners included, overwhelmingly support reasonable gun control.”

He continued: “In politics, we have to be willing to take on the extremists or else we’re going to have paralysis.”,,,el duce, YOU are the extremist.


...the State Police don’t have an estimate of how many are in New York and would have to be registered. The forms are due by April 15, 2014, and the state has to maintain a non-public database including the information...


...Sen. George Latimer, D-Rye, Westchester County, said he believes the heated rhetoric in the debate over the SAFE Act will begin to decline in the coming weeks and months. Latimer said he believes enforcement of the law won’t be done “in a confrontational manner” and will rely in part on “self-enforcement.”


“I don’t think the executive branch wants to have a confrontational enforcement of the law,” Latimer said. “Nobody wants to go to someone’s house, pull guns out of the house and start trouble, because that will lead to an escalation into something ugly.”


The Democrats still think we will roll over and go away. They are wrong.



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