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THE RIGHT SIDE by Budd Schroeder 4/12/13

APRIL 12, 2013
The SAFE law is in effect and the registration provisions are in action. The governor wishes to have people who own so called "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines registered. The best information is that upstate New York gun owners are not in favor of this law and the enthusiasm for compliance is lacking.
Most of the gun owners are not in a rush to register their guns and magazines. The sheriffs and most law enforcement officers are not enthusiastic about enforcing the seven round limit in magazines law. The SAFE law is being challenged in at least three law suits with a fourth one being considered by SCOPE. Many gun owners are delaying a decision because they want to see how the law suits will be decided.
SCOPE has printed and is selling bumper stickers as part of their protest against the law. The message is "Protect the Constitution. Impeach Cuomo" and "What part of infringed don't you understand?" and can be ordered at the web site
The SAFE ACT was rammed down the throats of New York gun owners by a "message of necessity" in January, but if it was so necessary to pass it in the middle of the night, why was compliance on the registration given a year? This was strictly a political move to satisfy the ego of a power mad governor who wished to be able to make a press release regarding signing a bill that made New York the most restrictive state regarding gun control.
We all know that the term gun control is a misnomer. It is really only a euphuism for people control. The founding fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution to guarantee that the people would be more powerful than the politicians in government. Many of the modern politicians don't like that balance. They prefer that those running the state and federal governments should have more power over the people.
This is where the rubber meets the road. The First Amendment gives the people the power of assembly and the right to petition the government. The honest, law-abiding gun owners have been and will continue to hold rallies and protests against a draconian law that definitely infringes on their Second Amendment rights.
There are state legislators who are submitting bills to repeal the law, but there big obstacle is Sheldon Sliver who rules the assembly with an iron hand and won't let any bill he doesn't like on the floor. However, with the negative publicity Albany is getting regarding corruption running rampant iN both the assembly and senate, that may have a bearing on how the repeal bills will be treated.
We are still governed by the concept of a republic and if the people are in charge of governance this could be a winnable battle If not through the courts, then there is a fair chance of having the repeal bills at least given a possibility of passage.
This bill has opened a floodgate for a test of whether the people prefer to abide by the Constitution or will submit to the whims of powerful liberal politicians using their power and money to defeat constitutional rights. They will find out if upstate New York can have a say in the laws governing their rights or if they have to bow to the whims of the New York City liberals. We get the government we deserve is an old saying. Upstate citizens believe we deserve better than what we are given.
This law is a focal point of finding out if we are being governed or ruled.