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Dear past and prospective students, colleagues, and friends;

I wanted to inform you of this year's training season and some changes you will need to be informed of.

As of last night I am now officially the interim Chairman of SCOPE for the Wayne County Chapter. I was asked by the Chapter's Board to take the position as John Piczkur has had to make the difficult decision to step down earlier than he anticipated. John has made a major contribution to our chapter and has led us into a very organized and perpetual motion of growth, involvement, and capability; more by example than anything else. As John has said many times nothing could be done without all of us, the fact is Wayne County Chapter of SCOPE has had many accomplishments with him at the front and many times behind the scenes. I would personally like to thank John for his endeavors, his example, and his friendship while working together to take back New York.

As interim Chairman of the Wayne County Chapter of SCOPE, I plan to continue these efforts by adding to the work being done with the following...
  • Work on extending our purpose of educating from just politicians to the general public.
  • Collaborate more with schools, emergency services, police departments, and town/village boards.
  • Change the culture of New Yorkers from supporting legislation based solely on fearing something they don't understand to doing so based on their appreciation of freedom as an American.
As a result of accepting this position, I have been forced to reduce my teaching workload for the rest of the year. As such, I want to inform you of an exciting venture I have taken with Wayne County's very own Sporting and Defensive Firearms Academy.

Effective immediately, I will be working with the academy's founders, Dr. Eli Saber and Chad Juby, two very qualified and NRA certified instructors, to support our community with teaching the proper knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to own, possess, and use firearms, of all kinds, safely and efficiently for their intended purpose. I am proud to be part of the very qualified team at SDF which also includes Keith Bourgeois, IDPA Champion, Craig Van Schaick, founder of Upstate Unlimited, Curt Drewel, precision rifle instructor, and C. James McMahon, Emergency Medical Trainer, not to mention Dr. Saber's extensive military/special forces tactics experience and training ability.

What does this change mean to my students? It means that class offerings will be based on SDF's course schedule and their prices. As much as I believe you would be put in very competent and qualified hands with any of the instructors who teach at the SDF Academy, anyone who wants to take a specific class with myself can still do so. Just go to my instructors page here, and select from the courses I am scheduled to teach. Check periodically for updates. I really believe this venture will offer the best for everyone involved: the community, the Academy, SCOPE, and myself. Thank you again for your understanding and continued support.

Johnathan Celso
NRA Instructor #174686865