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So how would Cuomo's law have worked here???

From the news article about stolen guns:
"...A search warrant of 334 Weaver Street turned up one of the guns stolen, a .38 caliber revolver. Maria Santos was in the upstairs bedroom during the raid, along with a small child. The gun was found in a closet in the room. Police also found a rifle and handgun in another bedroom.
Santos allegedly told investigators she gave permission for the guns to be stored in her house. She has a previous drug conviction, so she was not allowed to own weapons. She has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon."


Did these felons go through a background check?

Would the new laws have kept these guns out of the hands of felons?

Do you think the criminals would register these stolen guns?


We all know that Cuomo's laws will only effect law abiding citizens, NOT criminals.


Stupid laws, made by stupid politicians.



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