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SCOPE Board of Director Paul Rusin on HIPAA laws and your Pistol Permit


In light of the recent event in Amherst, with a man almost losing his permit due to violation of his HIPAA rights. Paul Rusin, a SCOPE Board of Director member wrote this:


HIPAA & Your PP (Pistol Permit)

For all Pistol Permit (PP) Holders of record, in the future you may be (likely will be) asked to sign a HIPAA form so the state can check your medical records. This is an invasion of your medical privacy. If you say you have nothing to hide from the state just look at the recent Erie County man whose permit was revoked as one of the State Police noted he took an anxiety drug for an office visit with his MD once, in years past. Have you ever had a dentist issue you novocaine, laughing gas, or other drug, to stop you from experiencing pain during dental work? Novocaine is a narcotic, nerve numbing, similar in nature to cocaine. Have you ever had anxiety about even going to a dentist, and been offered something like Xanax?
What about a temporary set back which caused depression--i.e., loss of job, suffered a rape, or other which brought about trauma, a death in the family, perhaps a loved one died in battle far from home, perhaps you, yourself suffered injuries as a result of such a battle--in which you have been prescribed a mind altering substance to either alleviate anxiety, or mild depression? Ever been put under in order to undergo an operation? You could be judged mentally incapacitated for life merely for that one incident. Are you willing to take that chance?
If you answered in the affirmative to any of these, then you could be subject to revocation of your permit, permanently, and further, the state may use this in the future to deny you all future purchases of firearms (long guns—rifles & shotguns), as well as a determination made that you may no longer own any weapons, and seek to confiscate them, or order you to turn them over to the state police, or other authority. All mental defectives are debarred arms under Brady Law, what the NRA affectionately calls NICS, thanks to their hand in crafting the legislation, and allowing it to continue rather than fighting it within the courts.
Only now have they realized what their future holds as the Senate seeks to further encroach on our right to keep & bear arms by expanding the database, and the usage of the NICS for all purchases & transfers, in essence, creating a database (all form 4473's eventually end up in BATFE files somewhere—think they are not creating a database given what we have seen with Eric Holder in regards allowing semi-auto firearms to “walk” across the border during “Operation Fast & Furious”, and other total disregard by the Obama-Soetoro regime, and their total lack of disregard for the law, and the Constitution?) of all gun owners in the future. I'm still not sure why Obama & Holder have not been brought up on charges of treason, and seeking to start a war with out neighbor to the south (who have shut their mouths on the operation after being blackmailed that they would lose the $500 million, that's a ½ Billion folks, for drug interdiction efforts in Mexico. The deaths of hundreds if not thousands, and potentially tens of thousands, of Mexican citizens lies squarely in their lap, but I digress.
Suppose you then hire a lawyer, and you wish to sue to get your guns back, sue to clear your name, in essence. Suppose that the MD, Psychiatrist, or other healthcare professional who supplied your information did so because you signed the HIPAA form as demanded by the State of NY in their capacity under NY's S.A.F.E. Act? Your medical records are no longer private, and may be released to the public just as the names of Pistol Licensees have been released in the past. Further, the information goes into the federal NICS database, which the federal Senate wishes to expand to all gun purchases, and transfers, even amongst individuals. You would be debarred purchase of arms nationside. Are you prepared to move out of the United States to be able to keep & bear arms, a right guaranteed by your constitution, and that said entity (the federal government in its legislative, executive, and judiciary capacity, is tasked with protecting and defending? Do you now understand why NRA is fighting this proposed law in the federal Senate?
On top of that, the HIPAA form you sign has language in it preventing you from suing the very health care practitioner/s/providers who released this information. You now not only have no recourse against the state, and are now an adjudicated mental defective, but you are, also, unable to sue the state, or the doctors for redress, or damages incurred by you (lawyer fees, loss of life, limb, etc,, in case of a theft, or other in which you are now incapable of defending yourself, et al).
NY State is about to do you irreparable, costly, and possibly deadly harm, all because Governor 'L'il Duce' Cuomo saw fit to send a message of necessity, along with a bill of long awaited desire by him, and those in the bubble wrap with which he surrounds himself, because children that the state of Connecticut was tasked with protecting were left defenseless by state & federal law(s). Do you understand what I am saying here? Federal & state laws which disarm all individuals within a protected sphere, but who fail to protect that sphere, have just been indicted, by me, if by no one else, for taking the lives of 26 people in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown These deaths are directly attributed to legislation crafted by state & federal legislators. Who gets the blame for Sandy Hook? The law abiding gun owner, who is further tasked with jumping through ever more hoops so that in the future, other Sandy Hooks, can once again be laid at their feet. Well, I'm tired of the hypocrisy, and being told I am evil because I like guns, shooting, hunting, and the like.
Other incidents where self defense was disallowed were Columbine High, Virginia Tech, Paducah, KY, as well as the movie theater in Aurora, CO., where a crazed gunman shot dozens of people leaving approximately a dozen dead. Signs posted outside the theater debarred the carry of weapons to “law abiding” citizens, but failed to protect their patrons from a criminal element. Further, the psychiatric condition of the Aurora shooter was known but the system failed to adequately provide the means, and possibly motivate the healthcare provider treating him to report him to the authorities, tho', I personally decry the use of such as a reason to debar arms, it being that many treated individuals are not a threat to themselves, or others. In may cases temporary cases where this may be, cannot leave a state afflicted “lifelong disability” where one is disallowed firearm ownership, or use.
Further, if the state is going after the people who use psychotropic drugs even once, what does that say about the effectiveness, possible lethality, and possible detrimental nature of these drugs that perhaps the state, federal government, our HC provider, or our pharmacy, is not telling us about these drugs they are prescribing?
In essence, what I am telling you is that we need all Pistol licensees to refuse to sign the HIPAA form that you will be provided when you re-apply (in essence that what the renewal process is about) for your pistol license every 5 years now that we have renewable permits thanks to a couple of dolts in the pro-gun community, who I will not name, but who likely know who they are, that proposed this in a compromise to get NY a “shall issue” system of permit over a decade ago. I warned them at the time, as did others, that pursuing that line of thought with the legislature/legislators would result in a 5 year renewal, without their precious “shall issue,” and that is exactly what happened. I hate to sound prescient, but this was merely putting two and two together, and understanding the mentality of the left, their tyrannical nature, their hatred of all things firearm related today, drugs & alcohol related in the past, and who knows what the next thing may be tho' they have already slandered salt, fatty foods, fast food, cigarettes, and Big Gulps. Look at what they are doing in our schools to protect the children from being overweight, and you can see the future. Look at BarryCare (ObamaCare) to see the future of HC in the U.S. We know what totalitarians are like, and how they operate. We have seen it in Germany under Hitler, the Soviet Union under Stalin, and Lenin, Red China under Mao, Cambodia under the reign of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge ('Red' hats), Italy under 'il Duce' Mussolini, and now NY under Andy 'L'il Duce' Cuomo. Yes, I have been notified he hates being called that, but if the shoe fits...