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Past NRA President David Keene guest at Wayne County Conservative DInner



Jim Quinn then introduced keynote speaker David A. Keene, past President of the National Rifle Association. David Keene, an attorney, served as chairman of the American Conservative Union for 27 years prior to becoming involved with the NRA and has been involved in every Congressional battle over gun rights since the early 1970’s. Keene began by talking about the Conservative Party and its early formation and saying we live in a country that others can only dream about. Keene related the story of an important Russian general that was honored for his 85th birthday at an impressive state dinner and the general was being recognized by Russia’s President Putin. Following a toast – the general said to everyone’s surprise “I dream of a country like the United States governed by men and women not afraid of an armed citizenry.”

Keene mentioned the NRA was actually formed in NYS in 1871 by Civil War Union generals. He noted that the recent NRA annual meeting in Houston, Texas was the biggest and most successful in NRA’s history. He had attended the Feb 28, 2013 anti-S.A.F.E. Act rally in Albany on the capitol lawn in less than pleasant weather and witnessed thousands of enraged Second Amendment supporters demonstrating their disgust at the state for imposing the S.A.F.E. Act.


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