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Online retailer email sent to New York Customers



New York SAFE Act Update

You are receiving this email because you are located in New York and have placed an order with The Armory in the past. If you have received this in error, please disregard if this email does not apply to you.

As January 2014 nears, so does the implementation of additional laws due to the New York SAFE Act signed by Governor Cuomo. This includes the requirement that all ammunition sales must be face to face at an authorized New York State ammunition dealer who must conduct an background check for EVERY ammunition purchase.

New York State Police spokesperson Darcy Wells has made the following statements in regards to Ammunition purchases within New York:

"It's not a delay," said NY State Police spokesperson Darcy Wells in an e-mail.

Wells said there are two requirements that are legally set to go into effect on January 15, 2014.

"The first is the law that requires all sellers of ammunition to register with state police and the second law that requires all ammunition transfers to take place face-to-face and be facilitated by a New York State ammunition dealer. These provisions will go into effect on that date," Wells explained.

As to the background checks on purchasers of ammunition, Wells added;

"The SAFE Act law also provides that background check and record keeping requirements imposed on all retail sellers of ammunition are scheduled to take effect 30 days after the Superintendent of the New York State Police certifies that a statewide license and record database is created for such a process".

New York state has also placed a cost to the background check of $10 but may become as high as $20 and this is for every time a citizen purchases ammunition - it can be a case of ammo, it can be a single round of ammo, the background check must be conducted and will cost the same.

Full details of the ammunition restrictions within the SAFE Act are cloudy at best and locating official statements are just as difficult. Please see the following link to the Schuyler County, NY website that details the SAFE Act and includes the dates and restrictions specified in this email:

How This Affects you as a Customer of The Armory

When the laws go into effect on January 15, 2014, The Armory will have no choice but to comply and ship only to a New York State ammunition dealer and you as a customer will have no choice but to purchase or have ammo shipped to a NY ammo dealer and pay for the required background check. The Armory will continue to accept and ship orders to New York until JANUARY 7th, 2014 to ensure any sort of delays wouldn't cause a delivery post the 1/15/2014 deadline and potentially cause the customer to be in violation of the law.

In the event that the laws change or are altered, we will send another update to accommodate any policy changes. We encourage our customers to make their ammo purchases now before the new laws take effect as ordering afterwards will increase your cost and waste your time due to the required background check at an state authorized dealer.


The laws are set to go into effect on 1/15/2014

The Armory will continue shipments to New York until 1/7/2014