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New York SAFE Act Makes Owning Five or More Firearms a Felony


New York SAFE Act Makes Owning Five or More Firearms a Felony

We have to pass it to find out what's in it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's aggressive reaction to December's Sandy Hook shootings placed New York State on the path of the strictest gun control law in the country. Froced through the Assembly and State Senate, it was packed full of goodies from mostly Downstate politicians until the final bill has so many provisions that many don't know the full extent of the consequences.

For example, we found out that New York did not exempt its own police from the ten-round magazine restrictions. Now we're finding out that the "common sense" restrictions of the NY SAFE Act are anything but.

Perhaps the most distressing is the fact that it purposefully restricts legal gun ownership. There is not a grandfather clause for legally purchased "assault" weapons and is totally unrealistic, especially for rural Upstate.

Upon further inspection, it appears that the law is even worse than originally thought.

Not coming from the tin-foil crowd, it appears that the law will make it illegal to own more weapons than King Andrew thinks you "need."

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