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Local gun maker effected by tyrannical democrats


Democrat Senator Ted O'Brien said, “Anytime you have some change there are going to be more people affected than others but if our goal is to ultimately keep people safer then we have to go forward with this. There's a lot of different guns you can manufacture and sell in New York. I would hope that they would modify their product so that it complies with the law. If they do that then they can continue to sell in New York.”

Spoken like an arrogant statist.

News10NBC called the governor's office to let them know about these concerns. A spokesperson released this statement. “For years, gun manufacturers have modified their products for sale in New York State, and the new law does not change that. The SAFE Act is designed to keep military-style assault weapons that have the potential to cause the greatest harm out of our communities while still respecting New York's long tradition of hunting and sport shooting.”


Spoken like a tyrannical despot.


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