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Gun Owners find Common Ground...we must vote and defeat Cuomo!


                         The Common Ground


In January of 2013 the New York Safe Act was passed in the dark of night and as it was pushed by the message of necessity and cries of, “we have to do something”, millions of law abiding New Yorkers awoke on January 15th 2013 to discover that they were now criminals.

There has never been anything in this state that has ignited a firestorm such as this…EVER. Somewhere along the path, somebody forgot to tell Gov. Cuomo that there are more law abiding, tax paying gun owners in this state than there are voters who voted in 2010. In fact if you were to divide the number of gun owners, i.e. 6,000,000 * million with an M into the number of eligible voters, i.e. 15,053,174 **million with an M you would come up with 2.5. In layman’s terms that means that two out of three people who are eligible to vote are, in fact a gun owner.

Gun owners have an enormous amount of common ground. Gun owners are the most law abiding citizens of all, if we were not, we could not get pistol permits or be able to purchase firearms, or hunting licenses. We are American and New York citizens and we did not elect our legislators to rob us of our Constitutional and Civil rights. We are voters, we are taxpayers and we have had our intelligence insulted by the very people we have elected to office to protect our rights. This has triggered an unprecedented level of growth between the second amendment groups in New York. SCOPE, NYSRP, NRA, GOA, to name a few have seen their New York State members numbers grow at rates never seen so high or so sustained.

The leadership of Second Amendment groups has historically guarded their turf very closely and this issue has followed through even in the wake of the Safe Act. There is now a change being bourn on the wind. Many members are realizing that if we are to beat the politicians and regain our rights we have to stand together. It is my opinion that if the leadership wants to bicker…let them! We the members no longer have the luxury of time to put up with this nonsense. This is serious business, and if we are not on top of our game, we lose. I strongly encourage every member of every second amendment group to reach out to their counterparts and share the common ground…before we can’t.


Bob Brannan Wayne County S.C.O.P.E. 

*Data Analysis WCS 3/13

** 2010 Census