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Budd Schroeder: How is the SAFE Act doing?

11-Dec-2013  The S.A.F.E Act (Governor Cuomo’s gun control law) was passed on January 15, 2013. After nearly a year of intense controversy the evidence is now in. In historic proportions, from all sides, the opposition of the statute (law) continues to grow. 52 counties, 325 towns and The Association of Sheriffs have passed resolutions of opposition. Over 1,000,000 individuals have signed a...nd delivered personal petitions calling for full repeal. Countless protests of the Safe Act have taken place in every county of the state. Numerous lawsuits contesting most sections of the statute await court action. A statewide coalition of an estimated 180 organizations with an estimated over 2,000,000 members continue organizing future protests. Over 1,000 arrests for Safe Act violations have been made with all being either dismissed or found not guilty by juries. Numerous full repeal bills sit in Albany awaiting committee action.

New York State Assemblyman Bill Nojay, is a leading opponent of the NY SAFE ACT and supporter of New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights. Nojay voted “no” on the SAFE ACT. Mr. Nojay continues campaigning against the statute with unwavering resolve.

Assemblyman Bill Nojay states, “The SAFE ACT will become the most widely opposed, and subject to the most civil disobedience, of any statute passed by this body.”