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April 1 Rally in Albany....Rally For Your Rights!


Tuesday April 1, more than 6,000 Patriots came to Albany to Rally for their Second Amendment Rights. This was one of the best, if not the best, Rallies in Albany. The entertainment was great, the speakers were great, the enthusiasm was electrifying.


The sad part is that there are more 6,000,000 gun owners in New York. Where were they April 1? What are the excuses? Are the gun owners waiting for "someone else" to fight for them? Only 0.1% of gun owners in New York thought it was important to send a message to Albany.


Gun owners in New York had better get in gear, for time is running short. Apathy, negligence and sloth are demise of man.


Vote on November 4. Get your friends registered. Make sure your friends and family vote. Unless we fire the anti-gun politicians in Albany, more gun laws will follow.


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