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2017 Wayne County DA Candidate Ratings

Dear Members

The Wayne County Scope Board of Directors have spent the last few weeks debating the ratings for our two DA Candidates. As all of you know, scope is a bipartisan organization that cannot endorse any candidate. We can grade candidates only on Second Amendment Issues. To this end we have surveyed both Candidates and allowed the Candidates to speak on record at our meetings, or in the case of ADA Mike Calarco, to have a letter read to our members.



David Fulvio A+

Based on Candidate Answers, Candidate Speeches, and Candidate Letters, we have decided to give David Fulvio an A+ Rating. David is a current member in good standing with our organization. He has been a consistent attendee of our meetings. He has spoken numerous times about his commitment to the 2nd Amendment. He has discussed the use of Prosecutorial Discretion, in order to protect otherwise law abiding citizens who have inadvertently fallen victim to the complicated provisions of the New York Safe Act. We theBboard of Directors Believe that he has gone above and beyond in his support of the 2nd Amendment, and will continue to do so.



Mike Calarco B-

Claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment, and there is nothing in his history to suggest he is not. He defended a client whose Second Amendment rights were being threatened. He has a family member who is a gun dealer. Mike claims that he cannot attend our meetings or be a member of our organization, because of his duties as ADA. In response to our survey, he claimed he could not answer many questions because they would prejudice him in the future prosecution of cases. He also stated that many questions were directed towards legislative issues that a DA should not address. He has expressed the opinion that he can tell when a criminal needs to be prosecuted under the safe act, and when an otherwise law abiding citizen is a victim of it, however he views many uses of Prosecutorial Discretion as a violation of separation of powers. 



Thank you very much for your membership and support. Please encourage all of your friends to vote.



The Wayne County Scope Board of Directors.