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Gun Control and 2nd Amendment Talking Points




I am troubled by repeated attempts to pass problematic gun control bills at the state and federal levels.


The vast majority of gun bills place unreasonable restrictions upon firearms owned by honest, law-abiding citizens.


I disagree with the intent and purpose of the vast number of gun control bills.


I respectfully request that you work diligently on behalf of all honest and legal gun owners to prevent "identify bill" from reaching committee and/or vote against the bill if it is brought to a vote.


The purposes of most gun control bills are suspect since they are often written to infringe upon our Second Amendment Constitutional right to possess a firearm.


Gun control bills falsely purport to enable the identification and location of “illegally possessed” firearms.


Gun control bills often are attempts to establish an unnecessary system of registration of legally owned firearms by law-abiding citizens.


I would ask sponsors and proponents of gun control bills this question: if the British had required such registration systems of the colonists, would our free nation exist as such today?


I will not dispute the existence of “illegal firearms”. However, it is ludicrous to assume that their owners will either register them or report their existence.


It is obvious that someone would not report a firearm that has been stolen or lost and in his or her possession. This applies to both handguns and long guns.


I, like other responsible firearms owners, am careful about the storage and use of my firearms.


I am diligent in preventing my firearm[s] from falling into the hands of lawless individuals but neither any legislation nor I can completely ensure it.


Typical gun control bills are weak misguided attempts to legislate honesty and lawfulness.


Character flaws of lawbreakers cannot be remedied by gun control legislation.


Sadly gun control laws often encourage future proponents to intrude further upon our Second Amendment Constitutional rights with new gun control bills.


I envision gun control legislation as the basis for the lawful seizure of firearms under the guise of “firearm owners are better protected by law”.


I appreciate your efforts to protect your constituents from such infringements on their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.




John J Flanagan
Room 330, State Capitol Building
Albany , NY 12247
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Kirsten Gillebrand
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