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World's Finest Chocolate Bars are available for purchase to enjoy or sell to others. They come with SCOPE's logo and message. Pick them up Wednesday, October 8th at our Monthly Meeting.

Need an attorney for a Self-defense shooting or Safe Act violation?

Call James Nobles at 585-546-1260 or visit

Eastern WCS Members


The Wayne County Chapter of SCOPE will be hosting second Monthly Meetings at the Red Creek Conservation Club for the benefit of our members residing in the eastern half of Wayne County. These meeting will be every 4th Wednesday evening, starting on October 22nd at 7:00pm.


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Tell King Cuomo to Repeal the NY SAFE Act!


With the passing of the NY SAFE Act on January 15, 2013, all citizens in the State of New York were stripped of their Constitutional Rights.


Review the NY SAFE Act details here.


Count Down to Freedom 2014

Your vote counts only when it is counted! Get out and VOTE November 2014 as if your way of life depended on it - because it does!!!

If you're not registered to vote you can register here.

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